Filipino version of Zorro to air on GMA soon

The bold caballero who avenged the helpless against tyrannical bureaucrats, known for his fox-like abilities, black cape and mask saves the day starting this Monday, March 23, on GMA.

Zorro, the iconic outlaw who ranks as one of the most well-loved and enduring heroes of modern times lives on in GMA-7 as the network launches the first-ever "Filipinized" version of the sensational saga.

At the helm are two of the country’s most distinguished directors: Mark Reyes, the man behind "Encatadia" and "Codename: Asero" and Dominic Zapata of "Mulawin" and "Captain Barbell."

It is based on Johnston McCu-lley’s novel, "The Curse of Capistrano," which first featured the fictional character, Zorro.

"Primetime King" Richard Gutierrez breathes life to the dashing Zorro. This comes after the highly successful "Mulawin," "Sugo," "Captain Barbell," "Lupin," "Kamandag" and "Codename: Asero."

Playing Richard’s leading ladies are Rhian Ramos as Lolita; Bianca King as Cara; Michelle Madrigal as Juana.

The story of Zorro chronicles the exploits of a skilled horseman/fighter who becomes the champion of the masses. Abandoned by his courtesan mother – Marcela (Lani Mercado) - at a young age, Antonio (Richard) is raised under the care of the well-off haciendero Don Roberto Pelaez (Joel Torre) and his gracious wife, Donya Chiquita Pelaez (Jacklyn Jose). As he grows up, Antonio builds close ties with the Indios and empathizes with their plight against the despotic government in Angeles.

Antonio’s affiliation with the Indios spurs hostility between him and his aristocratic cousin Ramon Pelaez (TJ Trinidad).

Antonio then discovers his real identity, forcing him to find his biological mother.

Diego dela Vega (Jomari Yllana), Antonio’s uncle who is based in California, arrives in the country to find his long-lost nephew. Diego trains Antonio in various combating skills.

Having witnessed the oppression on the people, Antonio decides to hide behind a mask – a sinister hero clad in black, a dexterous swordsman who leaves his infamous blazing mark "Z" on the tyrant’s chest.

In preparation for his role as Zorro, Richard underwent painstaking horseback riding lessons together with Rhian. He also studied fencing under Benny Garcia, the coach of the Philippine Fencing Team.

This world-class program is shot in the picturesque and Spanish-inspired location in Bagac, Bataan.

Televiewers will be transported back to the Hispanic times with the presence of old-style houses, cobblestones pathways and fortifications.

Source: Malay entertainment

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