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Love, reason, sanity and insanity. With beliefs and values that separate the West and the East, the soap brings to the screen a story full of contrast. On the central plot, a forbidden passion between two Indians from very different origins. Maya is clever, cheerful, an employee in a company in Rajasthan and part of a traditional family of tradesmen. Bahuan is finishing his studies in America, where he works, but could never forget the humiliation he had to go through as a child for being a dalit (untouchable) from a rural area.

Bahuan is the son of two servants, also untouchables, who are burned at the stake for accidentally touching their master while he bathed. Disorientated, Bahuan walks by the River Ganges, where Opash Ananda is with his two sons: Amithab and Raj. Amithab, out of curiosity, touches Bahuan, reaching for his necklace. Opash sees it and reprimands his son. Shankar, a liberal Brahmin, shows up and defends Bahuan, starting a fight with Opash, who leaves with his two children. Bahuan tells the story of his life to Shankar, who reveals his lonely life and adopts the kid despite the prejudice he suffers from Opash as well as many other people.

Maya has reached the age to marry and her parents, the perfume maker Manu Meetha and Kochi, search all over for a suitable husband. Like every Indian girl, she had always believed they were the best suited people to find the right man; but that was until she met Bahuan. Moved by an overwhelming feeling, Maya is willing to impose her will to her family and doesn't understand why he seems so reticent. Only when the truth about his origins come to light she understands his fears. Between promises and risks, the couple plan a future together and keep being surprised by fate. On their way, are Raj Ananda, Maya's parents' golden dream; Bahuan's investment in his career; and the Brazilian company Cadore, of which he becomes a partner years later.

Raj is the son of Opash and Indira Ananda. Opash is a wealthy tradesman, who makes the agreement with Manu of Maya and Raj's marriage, making it even harder for her and Bahuan. Opash and Indira have other three children: Amithab, Ravi and Chanti. Amithab is the eldest, married to Surya, with whom he had a daughter, Anusha. Ravi, the youngest boy, falls in love with a Brazilian girl, Camilla Motta. They get married and she sets off to live in India, struggling to adapt to the new habitat. Chanti, the youngest and the only girl, had been being prepared for marriage since she was a small child. Laksmi is Opash's mother and the most important figure in the house. Her favorite pastime is to annoy Indira and Surya, though she is always being annoyed herself by Karan, brother of her late husband.

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Raj also falls in love with a Brazilian girl, Duda. The feeling is mutuous; however, they cannot be happy together because of the arranged marriage his family has planned for him. So Duda decides to fight with all her might against the prejudice to be happy with the man she loves. She works in a clinic owned by Ilana and Chiara, two very different women. Ilana is married to Cesar Motta, an ambitious man who can't control his son, Zeca, considered a delinquent. Chiara, although beautiful, reads a lot of self-help books and who will, as the plot progresses, be involved romantically with Murilo, a loyal employee in the company of the Cadore family.

At the head of the company is the powerful Ramiro Cadore, a rich and ambitious man who is always at war with his brother, Raul. The conflicts between them make their father, Mr. Cadore, very unhappy. Ramiro has his lawyer, Gabi, as his "right-hand man" and is the love interest of his secretary, Walkíria, known as Wal. He is still married to Melissa, a woman obsessed with beauty. Her life will receive a double blow when her son, Tarso, is discovered to be schizophrenic. Tarso finds love with Tônia, with whom he wants to live happily. To treat his schizophrenia, Tarso consults with Dr. Castanho, the love interest of Cidinha his secretary and companion. Castanho is also one of Aída's co-workers. She is Cesar's ex-wife, with whom he had two daughters: Camilla and Leinha. At the beginning of the story, Camilla is in love with an exacutive called Dario, but she finds love beside Ravi, in India. Leinha wants to be a film-maker and chose India as the theme for her first documentary. She's always in conflict with her father's second wife, Ilana, and is always on her mom's side when the ex-couple have a fight. Camilla, on the other hand, tries to compromise and understand her unreasonable father's motives.

The plot also portrays the couple Sílvia and Raul. Married for a long time, they have a daughter, Julia, who is Camilla and Leinha's friend. The couple's lives will change drastically with the arrival of Yvone, Sílvia's highschool friend, who comes back when her friends needs her help the most, since she is experiencing a crisis in her marriage. But, behind her innocent face, Yvone hides a personality disorder: she is a psycopath. She will take advantage of the trust deposited in her to ruin many dreams and illusions.

Still in the Brazilian nucleus, there's the story of the Indian widower Ashima, a woman who decided to try her luck in Brazil and opened a bar in Lapa, a bohemian neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. She has two children: Indra, a young man who loves computers and internet, and Malika, a little girl. Ashima did what she could to pass on the Indian values to her kids. In the same neighborhood also lives the policeman Abel, friends with everyone in the area, but very strict when it comes to traffic laws. Abel is married to the suggestive Norma, known as Norminha to the close friends, a woman who is always seducing and enticing all the men. Among the people who use to go to the bar, are Mr. Cadore and Dr. Castanho, who is always there because of Suellen, a femme fatale in who he is very interested. Finally, in Lapa, lives Radesh, a clever Indian and friend of Deva, Maya's best friend.


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