[TELENOVELA STARS] Barbara Mori delays her trip to India

Barbara Mori is expected in India in early January. But following the recent terror attacks the big question worrying the producers of Kites was whether Mori would still agree to come.

A source from the set informs that Barbara is still very much expected but only after re-assurance of increase in on-set security.

“The last Kites schedule is to begin in mid-December. This schedule will first involve Kangana and Hrithik. After that Barbara will arrive. We will have security like always but now with the recent attacks we will increase the security on the sets even more. Barbara who is our celebrity guest will be given more security so that she feels safe. Hrithik was also very tensed when he came to know about the attack so we will be providing extra security to all the leading actors of Kites-Hrithik, Kangana Ranaut and Barbara Mori,” informs the source.

“Initially there was talk of possibly postponing the schedule but we can’t do that as we have a very tight schedule. Ever since the images of the Taj and Oberoi burning were splashed all over the world, Barbara has been on the phone with Hrithik and Susanne. She was discussing whether it was safe for her to come down. It was only after Hrithik assured her of her safety did she settle down,” adds the source.

Kites is slated to release Mid 2009.

Source: Kites Official Website

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