William Levy and Danna Garcia topbill Derecho de Sangre (Cuna de Sangre remake)

After a long guessing game, it has been already confirmed that Colombian actress Danna Garcia and Cuban Actor William Levy will star in Derecho de Sangre, the remake of the telenovela Cuna de lobos.

"Now, I am doing the pilot for Cuna de lobos. I am very happy to have the opportunity to play the protagonist.:.

She also confirmed that she will co-star with the telenovela galan of the moment, William Levy. She also added that she is not afraid that people will compare this version with the classic 80's telenovela.

"I know that my partner's going to be William Levy, with whom I have a beautiful friendship," she said. "There is nothing to fear with this new version. It's going to be  a new adventure, a new era and a new stage. I will do my best and I hope the public will fall in love with my new character."

Regarding the recent rumors that Levy cannot be reached with a 10-foot pole, the protagonist of Bella Calamidades denied it. "I do not believe it. I think he is a beautiful person, I think only gossip. He is a darling, sensible, very noble and sweet. William is truly a good person,"she concluded.

William Levy will play Jose Carlos Larios, original character of Gonzalo Vega. Catalina Creel is to be played by Rebecca Jones. It is unknown who will give life to the other villains of the story, originally interpreted by the Jones and Alejandro Camacho.

Salvador Mejia is set to produce this remake.

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I think william levy and Danna Garcia collaboration will be perfect.The two are wonderfull actors and actresses respectively.From Irynne.

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