Mar de Amor: Sin protagonista ; Mario Cimarro FIRED!

After having several altercations with the cast, Mario Cimarro, the protagonist of Mar de Amor,was booted out of the Televisa telenovela.

The producer of the telenovela, Nathalie Lartilleux, told Televisa Espectáculos that the actor was fired because once again, he missed the shooting of the episode last weekend, leaving the rest of the cast waiting for nothing.

Apparently this is not the only reason why the actor was fired. The producer said: "He abandoned the project; he had 40 scenes to record today .Also, during the last few shoots, he would the scenes as if he were a bored little boy . These all prompted me to make this decision."

The actor was not likewise getting along with with peers. There were accusations that he verbally and physically assaulted his co-star Ninel Conde while filming and later the actor supposedly refused to kiss Zuria Vega. Mario Cimarro also had problems with all production.

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