Camila Sodi and Diego Luna announce the birth of Baby Fiona

It's a girl this time for Camila Sodi and Diego Luna. The sister of Jerome, the couple's first child, was born at a hospital in the Mexican capital this morning.

"Today our daughter Fiona came to the world Fiona at 10:15 am and weighing 2900 kg. She is very healthy and so we are us immensely happy," the couple declared in a press release.

It adds: "We are very grateful to all those who have been on the looking out for us and who have respected our desire to have this intimate moment when as we welcome the arrival of a new member of the family".

Diego Luna and Camila Sodi, 30 years old and  23 years old, respectively, were married in February 2008. The celebrity couple Camila Sodi and Diego Luna had their first child Jerome in August of that year.

Congratulations to the Lunas!

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