[ESTRELLA DE TELENOVELAS] It's going to be a boy for Susana Gonzales

Susana has told the press that she's going to have a baby boy and that she's naming him Jose Santiago.

Meanwhile, the controversial Renato Malojuvera, the father of the baby, was irate upon knowing of Susana's decision to give the baby such name. "We have already spoken before that if the baby's a boy, it woud be named Renato and she's a girl, she'll be named Camila. I was taken by surprise when I learned that she's naming the baby Jose Santiago."

Renato insists that even thought the actress does not desire to have any relationship with him, the child is theirs and that he has rights.

A friend close to Malojuvera has revealed that the controversial Renato has contacted a lawyer as the latter is interested to obtain joint custody of the child when he is born.

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