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LaLola, the newest GMA Telebabad program, is an adaptation of the Argentine TV series produced by Dori Media Group. LaLola recently won awards as best comedy, best script, best director, best actor and best actress in the recently concluded 38th Martin Fierro TV Awards, the most prominent awards for Argentine radio and television programs.

After its first broadcast last year in Argentina, LaLola has been sold to more than 60 countries including France, Chile, Italy, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, the United States, and now in the Philippines.

GMA-7's newest romantic-comedy/fantasy-drama brings to light situations of executives in a corporate world, particularly the liquor company Distilleria Lobregat. In the original version, the stars worked in the magazine Don.

Kapuso stars Wendell Ramos, Marvin Agustin, Angelika dela Cruz and JC de Vera topbill this TV series together with Rhian Ramos in her first title role as Lola and with the special participation of Ms. Iza Calzado.

With directors Dominic Zapata and Rodolfo Jun Lana at the helm, viewers will laugh at the misfortunes of a womanizer and heartbreaker named Lalo (Wendell Ramos), the president of the brewery Distilleria Lobregant and Manila's most eligible bachelor. He will get a dose of his own medicine when he is turned into a gorgeous woman by his ex-girlfriend's vengeful sister, Sera (Iza Calzado), who happens to be a sorceress.

A kiss from Sera triggers the spell trapping Lalo in a woman's body. Since nobody will believe his transformation, Lalo has no choice but to pass himself off as someone else.

LaLola's funny and hilarious situations as well as heartwarming scenes begin when Lalo enters the company and introduces himself as Lola (Rhian Ramos), his girlfriend.

Although lovely and witty, Lola must battle against all odds to prove herself equal to boys and even endure the same kind of harassment and chauvinism Lalo used to inflict on girls.

As if being locked in a woman's body is not enough, Lalo/Lola will realize as days pass that she is becoming more and more effeminate and even finds himself/herself drawn to the irresistible charms of Facundo (JC De Vera), the vice president for marketing and public relations of Distilleria Lobregant and the complete opposite of Lalo.

Lola's world will be a total riot when she meets the people in Lalo's life--Don Aguirre (Eddie Garcia), the hard-to-please grandfather and tyrannical ruler of Lobregat dynasty; Gaston (Marvin Agustin), Lalo's older, power-hungry half-brother and right man who aims to oust Lalo from his top post at all costs; Pato (Jay R), one of Distilleria Lobregat's top executives.

She will also meet Griselda (Jackielou Blanco), Gaston's manipulative and scheming mom; Sabrina (Angelika dela Cruz), Facundo's ex-girlfriend and Distilleria Lobregat's hottest model; and Gary (Kempee de Leon), Lalo's best friend and flatmate who is secretly in love with him.

Making LaLola even more exciting are Susanna (Eula Valdez), Lalo's real mother who had to leave the Lobregat mansion due to her husband's womanizing and return years later and scheme's Aguirre's downfall by putting up her own distillery; Julia (Lovi Poe), the artistic adopted daughter of Susanna; Billy (Marky Cielo), Lalo's missing half-brother; Tita Iris (Gladys Reyes), Facundo's Aunt; Vicky (Sheena Halili), the inept and clumsy assistant of Sabrina; Matias (Yul Servo), the Lobregat's messenger; and Boogie (Robert Villar), a street kid who will be adopted by Facundo.

Also in LaLola are Melanie Marquez as Garganta, the head sorceress and leader of the Babaylan; Ana Capri as Oreng, Sera's aunt who practices black magic; Jewel Mische as Ada Romina, Lalo's jilted ex-girlfriend who commits suicide; Isabel Granada as Tala Romina, the eldest of among the Romina sisters and with the special participation of Ms. Iza Calzado as Sera Romina, the good sorceress who will resort to black magic to avenge her sister Ada. She will be punished for abusing her magical powers and will be turned from a beautiful woman into the ugly Soledad (Patricia Ysmael), who will make Lola's life hellish.

Will Lalo find the true meaning of love and humility in Lola? Will Lola find a way to get back to her real identity as the president of Distilerria Lobregat? But what if Lola falls in love with Facundo? Will she be able to confess the truth to the man she loves? Will she be able to confess the truth to the man she loves? Will she give up being Lalo just to be Facundo forever?


Extended cast
Guest cast

*Note 1: - As part of the storyline, Wendell Ramos' character turned into a woman and became Rhian Ramos.
*Note 2: - Plays the same character. Sera, played by Calzado, a guest star, turned ugly and became Soledad, played by Ismael.
*Note 3: - "Grace" is Gary's female alter ego, who is also played by de Leon.

Fotos del elenco de la version Filipina de Lalola

Lola y Facundo

Rhian Ramos sera Lola

JC de Vera sera el Facundo Filipino

Wendel Ramos es Lalo

Eddie Garcia es el abuelo

Iza Calzado quien fue la ex co protognista del actor argentino Segundo Cernadas tiene un papel estelar en este novela como una bruja y la hermana mayor de Ada Romina.

Hermanas brujas de luna

El mejor amigo/amiga de Lalo

Las antagonistas

El resto del elenco

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